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Welcome to

Azlen aFounder posted Feb 4, 15

Hey all, welcome to our SAR community.  Our purpose is to come together as a SAR brotherhood and work toward creating a truly memorable role in the Verse for all concerned.

There are many, many sides and flavors to Search and Rescue, and we welcome all of them here.  Each variant of our role brings its own unique challenges and rewards.
We would love to hear your opinions and ideas in the forums, but lets stay civil and respectful.  We all have our own takes on what SAR could or should be, and we need to be accommodating to all styles of SAR play.
We arent here to dictate how anyone runs their Org, or their Squad, but we are here to support, inform and assist anyone who is interested in pursuing a SAR career in Star Citizen.
Join us in the forums and share your thoughts, just be kind and respectful about it!
SCSAR Admin.

SAR in the SC Verse

Azlen aFounder posted May 3, 15

"What is Star Citizen without ships? As you know, the FPSmodule is being designed to support the existing focus on starship combat rather than to replace it. So how do the two mechanics complement each other? The answer is that there is a significant amount of strategy involved!

Star Citizen’s spaceflight will include a robust ‘rescue’ system. Search and rescue missions are one of our major ‘umbrella’ mission types: players will be called upon to rescue bothNPCs and players who find themselves shot down or otherwise stranded in space. Using the same systems outlined above, players can suffer injuries during space combat… and there’s no more likely place for this to occur than during ejection/ship destruction.

Imagine following a distress beacon to a downed pilot floating in space. You put on your EVA outfit, vent your atmosphere and exit your ship to rescue them. Pulling the player aboard, you find they’ve taken a laser blast to the arm, or a mass driver to the chest. Here, the FPS healing mechanic again takes place and you must stabilize them for the trip to a hospital facility.

Unless you are carrying that hospital facility with you! A number of Star Citizen ships have already been revealed to have medical bays onboard or as options and more are in the works. There’s even a large dedicated hospital ship in the fourth wave of ship designs, which will allow even more player recovery (and which will possibly even act as a mobile respawn spot for not-quite-permadead Citizens.)

Carrying a medical bay is a strategic expense: you lose cargo space and energy to support the facilities… but if you’re interested in recovering other pilots and getting them back into action quickly, it’s the way to go! We expect a great deal of emergent gameplay here: pirate groups conducting raids may have a ‘healer’ Cutlass Red (or similarly outfitted ship) accompanying them to make sure that individual team members can get back to the fight quickly and effectively."

-- excerpt from the Healing Your Spacemen article.

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